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3 Year Warranty


Ray Farr Signature Flugels have eighty-eight Component Parts and Ray Farr Traditional Flugels have seventy-nine, with every Component Part being guaranteed for Three Years from the date you purchase your instrument and after the two weeks trial, so you get a full 3 Years.


Also guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality assembly of the Component Parts by our Craftsmen and Plating and Lacquering - very few manufacturers offer a Three-Year Plating and Lacquering guarantee, but we do.


From Bells to the smallest of Waterkey Screws, all Component Parts are stocked in our workshop in quantity so if ever your Ray Farr Flugel is accidentally damaged, we can repair it and fit replacement parts within five working days of receiving your instrument and return it to you free of charge; worldwide.

Ray Farr Signature 7" Bell Flugel in 24 Carat Gold Plate Throughout

  • Final Balance Payment

    RRP £4,960

    Less the Factory 30% Discount £3,402

    Less the £700 Deposit

    Balance Payment of £2,702

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