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Our Ray Farr "Traditional" 7-inch Bell Flugel Horn has the Bell on the Right-hand traditional design side.


Like our Signature Flugel, our Traditional Flugel has the most amazing sound, projection and intonation, blending perfectly with the Cornet and Horn sections and soaring impressively in solos. 


That Amazing Sound


To hear the fine intonation and beautiful sound generated by our unique 7” Bell, just listen to Atlantic Brass Band (US Champions) and their Flugel player, Jack Deal, in his rendition of Peter Graham’s “Meditation”, played on a Ray Farr 7” Bell Flugel on our Home page. It’s all about the sound.


2023 Area Contest Velvet Comment


In the Midlands Area this year, the comment in the Champion Section about Gresley Colliery’s Flugel player’s solo in Red Priest was . . . “Like velvet”.


2024 Area Contest enthusiastic "We Won" Comments!

Gillian with City of Bristol Brass said "We won the 1st Section and I used my new Ray Farr Signature Flugel in the winning performance" YES!!!! And Paul from Northop in the Welsh 1st Section too! There were two other Ray Farr Flugels in winning performances, with high quality of tone and intonation regularly mentioned.


Case & Mouthpiece


Our Traditional Flugel comes with a Ray Farr Deluxe Hard Lightweight Case, a Ray Farr "CELEB" model Mouthpiece in 24 Carat Gold plate, Polishing Clothe and T2 Valve Oil.


Finishes – Your Choice


Finish options are Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold Trim, Rose-Copper Bell with Nickel-Silver Plate Trim in Lacquer, Bright Silver Plate Throughout or 24 Carat Gold Plate throughout.




We are currently working on a 3-week lead-time from Order through to Delivery for our Traditional Flugels.




An adjustable 3rd Valve Trigger is fitted as standard. We, humans, are all built differently of course so we've designed a malleable brass 3rd Valve Trigger that you can move to the most comfortable playing position for you.



Personalised Serial Number


The instrument’s Serial Number/Reference location is known only to us and the customer and is secretly engraved in a non-visible location so it can't be found and removed by a crook if stolen. When making your instrument, we can personalise and engrave a unique Serial Number/Reference of your choice up to 14 digits/letters, as long as it is not currently on another Ray Farr Flugel.


Ray Farr TRADITIONAL 7" Bell in Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold Trim

  • Pricing & Discount

    RRP £1,984

    Direct from the Discount Price £1,200

    If you want to pay using PayPal, you can split the Payment into three equal Monthly amounts of £300 per Month Interest Free! Just click the PAY LATER PayPal button at the Cart.

  • 2 Weeks Trial - The BEST way to try an Instrument

    Worldwide, a very big part of our service worldwide is the Without Obligation 2 Week Try at Home and at Band facility. You can try the Flugel at home, band practice and concerts, just to make sure it is the right instrument for you. If for any reason the Flugel is not for you, just return it to us for a full refund, including your cost your return postage within 24 hours of us receiving it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain our customers tell us.

  • Delivery & Returns

    We deliver free of charge anywhere in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Turkey. This is either done personally by a member of our staff or by carriers such as DHL, UPS or Royal Mail.


    We liaise with you whilst your Flugel is being made and fix a convenient date and time for you to receive your instrument on 2 week’s trial; it’s all part of our much-applauded high-quality Customer Service.


    Deliveries to the USA, Australia and Japan are done by air with either DHL, UPS or Royal Mail and they are currently taking approximately 7 days from the date of despatch. We will e-mail you the Tracking Reference to you so you can follow your instruments’ travels.



    Should you not want to keep the Flugel, simply return it to us after the 2 weeks trial, to be received back at our factory within 7 days of the end of the 2-week trial and we refund your £700 deposit within 48 hours of receiving it as per our Terms and Conditions.

  • 3 Year Warranty

    Ray Farr Signature Flugels have eighty-eight Component Parts and Ray Farr Traditional Flugels have seventy-nine, with every Component Part being guaranteed for Three Years from the date you purchase your instrument and after the two weeks trial, so you get a full 3 Years.


    Also guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality assembly of the Component Parts by our Craftsmen and Plating and Lacquering - very few manufacturers offer a Three-Year Plating and Lacquering guarantee, but we do.


    From Bells to the smallest of Waterkey Screws, all Component Parts are stocked in our workshop in quantity so if ever your Ray Farr Flugel is accidentally damaged, we can repair it and fit replacement parts within five working days of receiving your instrument and return it to you free of charge; worldwide.

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