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Proudly designed and made in UK Imperial inches and thousandth's of an inch . . . .

Valves:- Bottom  sprung Monel Valves honed to 0.0002”  (two ten-thousandth's of an inch) on diameter.

Bore:- The diameter through the Valves is 0.429”.

Bell:-  Your choice of a 6" or 7" diameter Bell with a Rim. Our unique Copper/Zinc Alloy and Conical Bell Flair made on our own Mandrels are acoustically inexorably linked to the Ray Farr Flugel’s exacting intonation in all registers  and its much-acclaimed sound projection.  Zoe ex-Black Dyke's comments when she reviewed one for The British Bandsman in that  "The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading Flugels haven’t mastered yet” say it all.

Trigger:- An adjustable 3rd Valve Trigger is fitted as standard. Us humans are all built differently of course so we've designed a malleable brass 3rd Valve Trigger that you can move to the most comfortable playing position for you.

Right-hand Finger Hook on our Signature Models:- Also for added playing comfort, w e've designed a Right-hand Finger Hook that is fully adjustable in any direction, radially and laterally . It's unique and applauded by our customers.

Mouthpiece Shank:- Our especially designed Jarno Taper  Shank suits the larger taper USA, Japanese & the Denis Wick "L" Flugel Mouthpieces (2FL, 3FL & 4FL) and   Medium Shank tapers for Denis Wick Flugel Mouthpieces without an "L" (2F, 3F & 4F) enabling you to use any make or type of  mouthpiece you like with a Ray Farr Flugel.

Waterkeys:-  Main, 1st and 3rd "Proper" Lever Waterkeys fitted as standard.

Instrument Protection:-  For or 7" Bell Signature and  7" Bell Traditional Flugels we include a very protective GEWA Prestige Gigbag, finished in black Cordura with red trim, strong padded plywood support for the Bell, soft handle, magnetic catch, wide shoulder strap, attached Accessory pocket, adjustable deluxe rucksack straps and a section for Music.   The Gigbag is the correct size for cabin baggage on all airlines and can be taken on-board.

For our 6" Bell Traditional Flugel we include a very protective Case with Wheels and an Extending Handle.

Mouthpiece:- We manufacture and supply the new 2022 Ray Farr "Diamond" Model Flugel Mouthpiece with each instrument.

Serial Number:- The instrument Serial Number/Reference location is know only to  us and the  customer and is secretly engraved in a non-visible location  so it can't be found and removed by a crook if stolen. When making your instrument, we can personalise and engrave a unique Serial Number/Reference of your choice up to 11 digits/letters, as long as it is not currently on another Ray Farr Flugel.


Free Option:- Lyre Box in any position to suit you; if you really really want one.

Valve Oil: We recommend and supply a bottle of the fabulous  "La Tromba Special T2" valve oil - seriously fast!


Ray Farr Flugels have eighty-eight component parts and every part is guaranteed  for Three Years from the date of your instrument purchase.

Also guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality Craftsmanship and Plating - very few manufacturers offer a Three Year Plating and Lacquer guarantee, but we do.

From Bells to the smallest of Waterkey Screws, all component parts are stocked at the workshop in quantity so if ever your Ray Farr Flugel is accidentally damaged, we can repair it and fit replacement parts within  five working days of receiving your instrument and return it to you bay hand.

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