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Part Exchange

If you would like a price for your Flugel in part-exchange for a new Ray Farr Flugel, just Text or WhatsApp us on 07803 - 386550 or e-mail at with photos of your instrument (warts and all), along with the make and model, age, description, condition and any case damage. We take Yamaha, Bach, Courtois, Benge, Conn and all makes in part-exchange, with current and previous part-ex's shown below. 


We'll contact you within 48 hours with the amount we can offer you and don't forget the amount we give you in part-ex is deducted from the Discount Factory Direct Price, not the full retail price, so it's a win-win situation; you still get your discount!

Pre-loved Flugel Horns taken in Part Exchange

RAY FARR SIGNATURE 7" BELL Flugel - A very rare opportunity to buy a second hand Ray Farr Signature Flugel as the player has moved onto Cornet. Finished in Bright Silver plate with 24 Carat Gold Trim and complete with a very protective lightweight Gigbag, it's on offer for £1,600. Contact Steve on 07974 - 150740 as it's a direct customer to customer sale. Sorry, SOLD.

SELMER (PARIS) Flugel - A lovely to play Selmer (Paris) Flugel Horn in original lacquer. Made in 1982. Intonation excellent and just the most lovely Flugel sound with very good projection. Valves fast, Slides and Shank all free-moving. Small amount of lacquer wear around the Valve Group. Comes with the original Selmer (Paris) Case and Mouthpiece. Case locks work, as does the key. Free delivery anywhere in the UK. Sorry, SOLD. 

GENEVA SYMPHONY Flugel - 14 months old and in fine condition. Finished in Lacquer with Nickel Silver Trim. No Bell dents and just one very small ding on the back bow. A beautiful sounding Geneva and exceptional quality from this fine company.  Lovely smooth 3rd valve Trigger action and very comfortable to hold. Valves light and presto. Sorry, SOLD.


VINCENT BACH ELHART Flugel - 6 months old and in mint condition. Finished in Lacquer with Nickel Trim. No dents, Valves fast and a nice easy blow. Comes with a Bach Elkhart Hard Case and a new Ray Farr Diamond model Mouthpiece. Sorry, SOLD

ECLIPSE Flugel with 3rd Trigger - Excellent condition and finished in Lacquer. A nice easy-blower. No dents! The three Slides and Shank are working fine and the Valves whizzy fast with as-new compression. Comes with a Tom & Will Gigbag. Sorry, SOLD 


YAMAHA MAESTRO YFL-631G Flugel - Excellent condition and finished in Lacquer on eBay Auction. Valves fast. Slides and Shank move freely. Bell diameter and flair mint. A few lacquer scratches. Dent in 1st slide knuckle. Lovely big sound. Comes with a Ray Farr Diamond model Mouthpiece. Case in mint condition. Sorry, SOLD

GETZEN ETERNA 3v Flugel - A lovely second-hand Getzen Eterna Flugel Horn finished in Lacquer, complete with original Eterna Case and a Ray Farr Diamond model Mouthpiece. Valves fast and all Slides/ the Shank move freely. Bell diameter in pristine order. No major denting, just normal wear and tear small dings and small patches of lacquer missing. It’s a Getzen Eterna and it’s high quality in sound, intonation and manufacture shine through. Sorry, SOLD

GETZEN ETERNA 4v Flugel in Lacquer. 6 years old and in showroom condition. Original Getzen Case with Keys. An amazing beautifully-blowing new-looking instrument currently on eBay so you can bid there if you are keen. Sorry, SOLD

YAMAHA CUSTOM YFH-8315GS Flugel finished in Bright Silver Plate. 3 months old and in mint showroom condition! Case immaculate!! Currently on eBay with a starting auction bid of £1,400. The price new online is £2,399. Sorry, SOLD

VINCENT BACH STRAD 183 Flugel with 1st & 3rd Triggers finished in Lacquer. An extremely nice easy-blowing Strad, unusually with a 1st Valve Trigger as well as the usual 3rd. No dents! The three Slides and Shank are working fine and the three Valves whizz very fast with as-new compression. Comes with a Bach Strad Case; both clasps fine, but no keys £800. Sorry, SOLD

VINCENT BACH STRAD 183S Flugel finished in Bright Silver Plate complete with a Bach Strad Flugel Case (no Mouthpiece). A typical nice Bach Strad Flugel with top-sprung fast valves and excellent compression on all three slides which move freely. Shank is free-moving too. Some small dings around the bell flair and main bow but no major denting at all £810. Sorry, SOLD

VINCENT BACH STRAD 183 Flugel complete with padded Gig Bag. No dents, valves whizz and slides in fine order. Been recently overhauled but not re-lacquered, hence there is the usual missing lacquer in places £795. Sorry, SOLD

YAMAHA YFH6310Z Flugel with original Yamaha Case and Keys. Finished in lacquer which is 100%. Valves lovely and all slides working. A few small very small dings but nowt major. Bell perfect. £690. Sorry, SOLD

COURTOIS 155R Flugel with Rose Bell, 1st & 3rd Triggers and complete with a Courtois Case. No major dents, just two very small dings on the main bow and small lacquer blemishes as shown in the eBay photos. Bell in perfect unmarked as new condition £840. Sorry, SOLD


YAMAHA YHF 631 Flugel with copper bell, bottom-sprung valves and finished in lacquer. Three minor dings on the bell and one on the back bow. Complete with Case (no keys) £680. Sorry, SOLD

CONN VINTAGE ONE Flugel, 18 months old. No damage but some small amounts of lacquer missing around the 1st & 3rd valve casings. With Thomann Gigbag £1,450. Sorry, SOLD

GETZEN ETERNA 4v Flugel in silver plate. 1986 model and signs of wear for that age. Bell dents removed, but witness lines still showing very very slightly on the bell flair. Original Getzen Case (no keys) £625. Sorry, SOLD

YAMAHA YFL 8310Z "BOBBY SHEW" Flugel in lacquer. 2018 model and in mint condition. Bottom-sprung valves and all "as new" complete with black leather Gigbag £1,690. Sorry, SOLD

BACH STRAD 183S Flugel in Silver Plate complete with Strad Case for Flugel & Trumpet/Cornet. 2009 model and in good condition. Very minor dings on the main bow and 2nd slide, but apart from that, fine. No plating damage or wear. £1,080. Sorry, SOLD

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