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Ray Farr Flugel Try a Flugel at Home

Try a Ray Farr Flugel Anywhere in The World

Would you like to try one? -  It's completely without obligation


As we all know, the only way to really appraise an instrument is of course to try it in the environment which the player is familiar with – home, band practice and concerts/gigs and contests.


To make an instant decision at a Trade Stand after ten or fifteen minutes does not allow enough playing time to appreciate any instrument properly.


Given the major advances in ease of blowing, exacting intonation and sound projection of the Ray Farr Flugels, our Two Weeks' Approval gives you the opportunity to establish the instruments’ true potential in band/ensemble and solo playing and it's why we offer a Full Refund including your cost of returning the instrument to us and we refund within 24 hours of receiving it.


We deliver free of charge anywhere in the UK.

For Shipping Costs to Europe, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Turkey  it's £64 and the Rest of the World its £193. All by carriers such as DHL, UPS or Royal Mail. Factory to your Door is about 5 days.


We liaise with you whilst your Flugel is being made and fix a convenient date and time for you to receive your instrument on 2 Week’s Trial; it’s all part of our much-applauded high-quality Customer Service.




Should you not want to keep the Flugel, simply return it to us after the 2 weeks trial, and we refund your Payment in Full plus your return Shipping Cost within 24 hours of us receiving it.

Manufacturing Lead-time

Lead-time to make a Flugel for you is currently two weeks from receipt of your Order.


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