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Ray Farr Flugel 16 years
Ray Farr Flugel Horns


Made in the UK just for You

in Brass Bands Worldwide

That distinctive Ray Farr 7" Bell Flugel sound . . . .


"Meditation" played on his Ray Farr 7" Bell Flugel

by Jack Deal (Atlantic Brass Band Champion Section)


Sound and Intonation beyond compare


Try a Flugel at Home and in Band

for Two Weeks

Anywhere in the World


Zoe Hancock, ex-Black Dyke commented in a British Bandsman article in 2013 after trying a Ray Farr Flugel for two weeks. “The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading Flugels haven’t mastered yet.”


This sums up Ray Farr Flugels with our unique 7" diameter Bell, resulting in the success we’re having throughout the UK, Europe, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Far East, being very much in demand in the US.

2 Weeks Trial at Home and in Band - The BEST way to try an Instrument before deciding to Buy

A very big part of our service worldwide is the Without Obligation 2 Week Try at Home and at Band facility. You can try the Flugel at Home, Band practice, Concerts and Contests, just to make sure it is the right instrument for you. If for any reason it's not for you, just return the Flugel to us for a Full Refund and this includes the cost your Return Postage. We refund within 24 hours of receiving it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain our customers tell us.

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Try a Flugel at Home
Ray Farr Flugel Horns 3 Year Warranty
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